“Why ISIS Is Building Mad Max Truck Bombs”

“Why ISIS Is Building Mad Max Truck Bombs”

David Hambling - Popular Mechanics
Press Features

24 Feb 2016

Popular Mechanics reporting on an insight published on TRENDS:

“The members of ISIS have more in common with the war boys of Mad Max: Fury Road than ruthless violence, desert surroundings, and a yearning to die in combat (“I live, I die, I live again!”). Robert Bunker, a counterterrorism expert at TRENDS Research & Advisory, warns that the latest ISIS tactic is to field car bombs fitted with Mad Max-style improvised armor to carry out suicide attacks on protected targets, and that such tactics might spread to the U.S. and Europe.”


To read the full article, please follow http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/news/a19555/why-isis-is-building-mad-max-truck-bombs/