“What Europe can do to resolve the Qatar crisis”

“What Europe can do to resolve the Qatar crisis”

The Parliament Magazine
Gulf Diplomatic Crisis & Its Relevance for Europe

24 Jul 2017

TRENDS Director of Research & Engagement, Dr. Richard Burchill, writes for The Parliament Magazine:

It has been documented, from numerous sources, that Qatar is active in funding and supporting terrorism and extremism.  This activity either directly involves the country’s government or sees the government turning a blind eye to the nefarious characters living and operating in the country.

Europe is feeling the impact of Qatar’s behaviour and Europe’s institutions need to give more attention to the matter. Four states in the region, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia, have implemented a range of diplomatic and economic measures that signal their dissatisfaction with Qatar while applying pressure upon the government to change its behaviour.

This is not a local spat. Qatar’s failure to take any effective action to prevent funding and allow extremists to operate freely has a major impact on European and global security.

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