“‘Undercover Jihadi’ shares insights at Abu Dhabi seminar”

“‘Undercover Jihadi’ shares insights at Abu Dhabi seminar”

The National - UAE
Inside the Mind of a Jihadist

07 May 2015

The National wrote:

“ABU DHABI // A seminar in the capital has been given a personal look into the mind of a radicalised young man.

Mubin Shaikh, who became radicalised after meeting the Pakistani Taliban but later worked as a counter-terror operative for the Canadian security agency, gave insights into what attracts youths to extremist ideologies.

Mr Shaikh and Dr Anne Speckhard, an expert on the psychosocial, cultural and organisational aspects of terrorism who also addressed the seminar, have written a book called Undercover Jihadi about his experiences, “my sad story of my sad life”.”


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