UAE’s commitment to renewable energy can enhance its global leadership role

UAE’s commitment to renewable energy can enhance its global leadership role

The National
Launch of UAE Energy Diplomacy Report

20 Sep 2018

Two leading think tanks have created a blueprint to enhance the UAE’s global leadership position via renewable energy diplomacy that will support access to affordable and sustainable sources of power for millions of people in developing countries around the world.

Trends Research & Advisory and Washington’s Stimson Center have co-produced the UAE Energy Diplomacy report on exporting renewable energy to the ‘global south’, building on the investment in the sector that the country has been making over the last decade through institutions like Masdar, the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.

“The story is yet to be complete” regarding the UAE’s leadership on the world stage in renewable energy diplomacy, said Brian Finlay, the Stimson Center’s president and chief executive, at the launch of the report in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

“If staged wisely, UAE innovation in renewables has the potential to both fundamentally reorder global energy markets while promoting sustainable development across the Global South,” he said. “This report provides an early roadmap upon which policymakers and industry may choose to initiate smart pilot ventures.”

Dr Ahmed Al Hamli, Trends’ president and founder said that “the UAE will remain committed to clean energy at home and will use its knowledge and skills to support the globe through clean energy diplomacy”.

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