“U.S. interests at risk in Arab allies’ bitter feud”

“U.S. interests at risk in Arab allies’ bitter feud”

The Washington Times
Press Features

08 Oct 2017

The Washington Times interviews Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli:

An analysis by the TRENDS Research and Advisory cited a range of examples, including one in 2014 in which the network “broke regular programming” to provide then-Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal “a 45-minute slot to give a speech” while running a “Hamas propaganda video.”

“We’re talking about political Islam,” said Mr. Al-Hamli, who heads the Abu Dhabi-based think tank. “This is the ideology for violence. This is the foundation for violence because it’s politicizing religion.”

He said Qatar’s backing of Muslim Brotherhood political parties has the same effect. “All of it adds up to backing movements that foment terrorism,” he said. “This is not about jealously or competition. It’s about terrorism. We are here to stop Qatar from supporting terrorist groups around the world.”

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