“Tension Around Qatar: What Next?”

“Tension Around Qatar: What Next?”

Valdai Club
Press Features

08 Jun 2017

The Valdai Club writes:

Richard Burchill, Director of Research and Engagement at the TRENDS Research & Advisory, based in the UAE, told valdaiclub.com that the situation around Qatar is “quite clear.” “Qatar is known to be working with a wide range of terrorist groups, including primarily the Muslim Brotherhood, they allow their leaders to stay there, they have events that are supportive of them,” he said. “They also work closely with Hamas, which distributed its new charter from Doha, making it quite clear where their funding and support comes from.”

Richard Burchill believes the reaction of the Gulf countries was reasonable. “The current situation and the responses being seen from the GCC states are well in line with how they are able to respond when a neighborhood state is causing such difficulties,” he said.

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