Sovereign States and Fundamentalist Movements: The Dangerous Liaisons

08 November, 2018

Les Salons Hoche, Paris

Past Event


TRENDS is organised an invitation roundtable event to address how states use fundamentalist movements in the pursuit of foreign policy objectives. The event will examine the actions of Iran, Qatar and Turkey in support of violent and non-violent extremist groups that politicise religion. The event will examine the destabilising impact these groups have in the Middle East and Europe. The event will include a conversation on the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in France.


Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli
Christian Makarian
Gilles Clavreul
Haytham Al Manna
Mona Alami
Renaud Girard
Dr. Richard Burchill
Mohamed Sifaoui

For further information please contact Dr. Richard Burchill, Director of Research and Engagement, [email protected].