Tuesday, July 24, 2018, 10:32 am
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Sarah Tzinieris

Sarah Tzinieris

Non-Resident Fellow in International Relations

Education PhD International Relations

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Dr Sarah Tzinieris is a Research Associate in the Centre for Science and Security Studies (CSSS) at the War Studies Department, King’s College London.  Dr Tzinieris’ current research focuses on nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear security, CBRN terrorism and international relations. She is a Co-investigator for the Nuclear Security Culture Programme, funded by the UK government’s Department  for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Dr Tzinieris has recently co-edited a briefing book on the NPT Treaty which was provided to state parties at the 2018 NPT PrepCom. Her other publications have focused on non-proliferation, insider threats, the EU accession process, UK foreign policy, and mining and oil gas projects. She previously worked at the BBC as a strategist and for the European Commission Delegation at the UN as a Security Council Adviser.  She is a member of the UK Project on Nuclear Issues.


  • Jaron Rothkop

    Jaron Rothkop

    Mr. Rothkop is President of The Last Kilometer, a not-for-profit focused on clean energy policy and technology. He was...


  • Viktoria Akchurina

    Viktoria Akchurina

    Dr. Viktoria Akchurina is a Researcher at TRENDS Research & Advisory. She is an expert in foreign policy analysis,...


  • Emina Osmandzikovic

    Emina Osmandzikovic

    Emina Osmandzikovic is an expert on human rights, forced migration and displacement, and big data analysis. Previously she worked...


  • Kamal Dib

    Kamal Dib

    Kamal Dib is a research analyst and media monitoring expert who focuses on political, security, economic and geostrategic  investment...


  • Alma Keshavarz

    Alma Keshavarz

    Dr. Alma Keshavarz is a Small Wars Journal—El Centro Associate. She received her PhD in Political Science at Claremont...


  • Sarah Tzinieris

    Sarah Tzinieris

    Dr Sarah Tzinieris is a Research Associate in the Centre for Science and Security Studies (CSSS) at the War...


  • Dr. Naved Bakali

    Dr. Naved Bakali

    Naved Bakali is a Research Analyst with Tabah Foundation, where he works in the Futures Initiative Department. His research...


  • Milo Comerford

    Milo Comerford

    Milo Comerford is an analyst at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. His research focuses on jihadi ideology...


  • James Prince

    James Prince

    James Prince is President and co-founder of the Democracy Council, a leading nonprofit, nonpartisan international development organization that has...


  • Lincoln Bloomfield Jr.

    Lincoln Bloomfield Jr.

    Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield Jr. is Chairman Emeritus and Distinguished Fellow at the Stimson Center in Washington DC, a Director...


  • Magnus Norell

    Magnus Norell

    Dr. Magnus Norell is an Adjunct Scholar at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy in Washington DC as...


  • Ahmad Al Farraj

    Ahmad Al Farraj

    Dr. Al Farraj is an academic and professional political writer currently with Al Jazirah newspaper.  He has previously worked for Al Yamamah magazine...


  • Yong Wang

    Yong Wang

    Professor Yong Wang is Director of the Center for International Political Economy and Professor at the School of International...


  • Najat Al Saied

    Najat Al Saied

    Najat Al Saied is currently an Assistant Professor in the College of Communication and Media Sciences at Zayed University...


  • Michiel den Hond

    Michiel den Hond

    Ambassador Michiel den Hond began his career with the UN High Commissioner on Refugees, moving to The Netherlands Ministry...


  • Mona Alami

    Mona Alami

    Mona Alami is a French-Lebanese journalist and analyst examining political, security and economic issues in the Arab world, namely in...


  • Abdullah bin Khaled al-Saud

    Abdullah bin Khaled al-Saud

    Dr. Abdullah bin Khaled al-Saud is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of...


  • Kareem Al-Qaq

    Kareem Al-Qaq

    Dr Kareem Al-Qaq works on International Organisations and security. His areas of specific expertise and research are the international...


  • Ambassador Alberto Fernandez

    Ambassador Alberto Fernandez

    Ambassador Alberto M. Fernandez is the President of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN).  He was formerlly vice-president of...


  • Vida Hamd

    Vida Hamd

    Dr. Vida Hamd is currently the Policy Officer for Political and Humanitarian Affairs at the Embassy of Netherlands in...


  • Christian Koch

    Christian Koch

    Dr. Christian Koch is the Director of the Gulf Research Center Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Koch’s work and...


  • Mohammed Issam Laaroussi

    Mohammed Issam Laaroussi

    Dr. Mohammed Issam Laaroussi is a Senior Researcher at TRENDS Research & Advisory. Laaroussi has previously worked at the...


  • Geoffrey Harris

    Geoffrey Harris

    Geoffrey Harris is the Distinguished Teaching Fellow Vesalius College, Brussels and Professor at the College of Europe, Bruges.  He...


  • Lorenzo Vidino

    Lorenzo Vidino

    Dr. Lorenzo Vidino is the Director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University’s Center for Cyber &...


  • Matthew Ford

    Matthew Ford

    Matthew Ford is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sussex, specialising in military innovation, socio-technical change, the social...


  • Carole Nakhle

    Carole Nakhle

    Dr Nakhle the Director and Founder of Crystol Energy, and is an internationally recognised expert in the field of...


  • Cinzia Bianco

    Cinzia Bianco

    Cinzia Bianco is an analyst and researcher with the geopolitical risk consultancy Gulf State Analytics. Previously she carried on...


  • Pamela Ligouri Bunker

    Pamela Ligouri Bunker

    Pamela Ligouri Bunker is an Associate with Small Wars Journal—El Centro and an independent researcher in international security and...


  • Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli

    Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli

    Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli is the founder and President of TRENDS Research & Advisory.  He is an expert in...


  • Radwa Radwan Said

    Radwa Radwan Said

    Radwa Radwan Said is an International & Energy Economic Researcher at TRENDS. She previously worked as a senior economic...


  • Leah Sherwood

    Leah Sherwood

    Leah Sherwood is currently working in nuclear security. She previously worked as Deputy Director of Research at TRENDS Research...


  • Jean-Marc Rickli

    Jean-Marc Rickli

    Dr. Jean-Marc Rickli is assistant professor at the Department of Defence Studies of King’s College London based at the...


  • Sara Zeiger

    Sara Zeiger

    Sara Zeiger is a Senior Research Analyst at Hedayah, the International Center of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)...


  • Clark McCauley

    Clark McCauley

    Dr. Clark McCauley is Research Professor of Psychology at Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, USA.  His research interests include stereotypes,...


  • Gerald Butt

    Gerald Butt

    Gerald Butt is a UK-based Middle East analyst and consultant on political and energy trends. An Arabist who was...


  • Michael Patchett-Joyce

    Michael Patchett-Joyce

    Michael is a barrister with Outer Temple, London.  He is highly-regarded for advocacy and advisory skills in conducting commercial...


  • Ally Dunhill

    Ally Dunhill

    Ally Dunhill is a researcher, writer and consultant who specialises in the study of human rights education, and the...


  • Neil Boister

    Neil Boister

    Professor Neil Boister is Professor of Law at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.  He is the author of...


  • Arturo Laurent

    Arturo Laurent

    Dr. Arturo Laurent is currently a Programme Officer for the Terrorism Prevention Branch of the United Nations Office on...


  • Risa Brooks

    Risa Brooks

    Dr. Risa Brooks is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Marquette University, where she specializes in the study...


  • Nikolay Kozhanov

    Nikolay Kozhanov

    Dr. Nikolay Kozhanov is a nonresident scholar in the Foreign and Security Policy Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center...


  • Richard Sakwa

    Richard Sakwa

    Richard Sakwa is Professor of Russian and European Politics at the University of Kent, and an Associate Fellow of...


  • Christopher Griffin

    Christopher Griffin

    Dr. Christopher Griffin’s research focuses on French counter terrorism and counterinsurgency strategy in Africa.  His work builds on historical...


  • Piotr Dutkiewicz

    Piotr Dutkiewicz

    Professor Dutkiewicz is Director of the Center for Governance and Public Policy at Carleton University, Ottawa Canada and a...


  • Kristian Alexander

    Kristian Alexander

    Dr. Kristian Alexander is an Assistant Professor in the College of Sustainability Sciences & Humanities at Zayed University, Abu...


  • Andrew Staniforth

    Andrew Staniforth

    Dr. Andrew Staniforth is a serving UK police officer with substantial experience of counter-terrorism, currently leading a unique police...


  • Soraya Sidani

    Soraya Sidani

    Dr. Soraya Sidani is visiting fellow at the Center for International Studies and Research (CERI, France). She is also...


  • Anne Aly

    Anne Aly

    Dr Anne (Azza) Aly is Associate Professor at Curtin University, Perth, Australia, with a focus on radicalization, counter terrorism...


  • Richard Woodward

    Richard Woodward

    Richard Woodward is a political economist specialising in global governance, international institutions, offshore financial centres, tax havens, and sports-diplomacy....


  • Scott Englund

    Scott Englund

    Dr. Scott Englund serves as an adjunct professor of political science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Prior...


  • Estella Carpi

    Estella Carpi

    Estella received her PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Sydney, Australia. Since 2010, Estella Carpi has been conducting research...


  • Andreas Schleicher

    Andreas Schleicher

    Andreas Schleicher is Special Advisor on Education Policy to OECD’s Secretary-General and Director for Education and Skills. He also...


  • Christopher Coker

    Christopher Coker

    Christopher Coker is Professor of International Relations at London School of Economics. He is the author of many books...


  • Mohammed Abdelraouf

    Mohammed Abdelraouf

    Dr. Mohammed Abdelraouf is currently an environmental researcher with many think tanks in the Middle East and currently elected...


  • Julian Schofield

    Julian Schofield

    Julian Schofield (PhD Columbia) is an associate professor in political science at Concordia University. His books include a study...


  • Robert J. Bunker

    Robert J. Bunker

    Dr. Robert J. Bunker’s research interests mainly focus on non-state threat groups, future war, and counter-threat strategies. Dr. Bunker...


  • Paul B. Rich

    Paul B. Rich

    Paul B. Rich is co-editor of the journal Small Wars & Insurgencies and author/editor of ten books including The Routledge Handbook...


  • Samira Saleh Usman

    Samira Saleh Usman

    Samira Saleh, Education Reform Researcher and environmental expert, received B.A. from Yarmouk University –Jordan with a major in Chemistry...


  • Tarek Fahmy

    Tarek Fahmy

    Professor Tarek Fahmy is the Head of Political and Strategic Unit at the National Center for Middle East Studies,...


  • Abdelqader Fahmi

    Abdelqader Fahmi

    Professor AbdelQader has several published research papers, books, and literature, exploring areas such as international conflict, international political systems...


  • Richard Burchill

    Richard Burchill

    Dr. Richard Burchill is the Director of Research and Engagement for TRENDS.  Previously he was a member of the...