Release: Lessons learned for sustainable development

Release: Lessons learned for sustainable development

Thomson Reuters
UAE Energy Diplomacy and the Global South

24 Oct 2018

New Report by Stimson Center and TRENDS Research & Advisory Provides Lessons for the Global South from the UAE’s Renewable Energy Leadership

The Stimson Center, a Washington DC-based nonpartisan policy research center, has collaborated with TRENDS Research & Advisory, an independent non-profit think-tank based in Abu Dhabi, on a new report titled “UAE Energy Diplomacy: Exporting Renewable Energy to the Global South” that explores the UAE’s experiences in sustainable development and clean energy, and identifies clear lessons for other developing countries around the world to learn from and emulate, as well as specific and concrete opportunities for South-South cooperation on energy issues. The US release of the report took place today at an event at the Stimson Center in Washington, DC.

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