Our Services

Our Services

TRENDS Research & Advisory conducts reports and studies that are commissioned by international clientele, ranging from government agencies to private organizations that adhere to global standards.


Public Sector

TRENDS Research & Advisory executes challenging and independent policy study, covering the spectrum of national policy concerns. We rely on our non-partisan researchers and the support of our international academic network, to assist UAE government agencies with scientific research at all levels.


TRENDS international research for the public sector concerns itself with evolving at national, regional, and global levels. Our local and international network of experts provide states and global organizations with profound knowledge of the conditions framing policy options on a worldwide level as well as the surge of innovative approaches to policy concerns.


TRENDS works alongside the public and NGO’s to ascertain deficiencies within societies and outline and suggest solutions for the betterment of communities. The value of our neutral and scholarly insight is beneficial in all levels of contribution within UAE culture.

Private Sector

TRENDS offers valuable strategic insight and hands-on operational improvements to augment the effectiveness of corporations, particularly in areas where the private and public sectors overlap. We aim to consult and advise companies and create platforms of discussion between the government and private sector with the intent of enhancing living ideals for communities as a whole.

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