“Op-Ed: Not Much Progress on Qatar’s Record of Supporting Terrorism”

“Op-Ed: Not Much Progress on Qatar’s Record of Supporting Terrorism”

Washington Diplomat
Press Features

27 Aug 2018

Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli, President & Founder of TRENDS Research & Advisory and Richard Burchill, Director of Research & Engagement of TRENDS Research & Advisory have written an article on “Op-Ed: Not Much Progress on Qatar’s Record of Supporting Terrorism” which featured on Washington Diplomat:

It is now one year on from the decision of four Middle East states to implement a diplomatic and trade boycott of Qatar in protest to a range of matters, foremost being Qatar’s continued support for terrorism and extremism.

The boycott brought to light Qatar’s failures to adhere to its international obligations concerning the funding and support of terrorism, and its absence of international cooperation in the fight against terrorism. Resolving these failures would require Qatar to do more than pay lip service to its international obligations and cooperation in the global framework for combatting terrorism. Twelve months, on has much changed?

Since the boycott, the U.S. government has made a number of announcements that allege Qatar is showing advances in cooperation for fighting terrorism, and there exists newly signed agreements between the U.S. and Qatar on dealing with terrorist matters. But these agreements remain confidential. Looking at a range of recent events involving Qatar, it does not appear Qatar is taking seriously its obligations for combatting terrorism.

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