Hello HelloOn the Horns of the US Counterterrorism Dilemma

Published on: 18/01/2015

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On the Horns of the US Counterterrorism Dilemma

Published on: 18/01/2015


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Research Questions

  1. What and how successful was the Obama administration’s counterterrorism approach and component strategy in the Middle East, South and Southwest Asia?
  2. How do counterterrorism choices impact the U.S. relationship and support for allies in the region?
  3. How do U.S. counterterrorism policies reduce and manage the threat of terrorism both within the region and protecting the United States (and American targets) from attack?

An evaluation of the Obama administration’s counterterrorism strategy in the Middle East necessitates placing that counterterrorism strategy within the larger United States foreign policy context and U.S. strategic objectives as well as making clear the threats that are being confronted. How the United States responds to particular terrorist threats cannot be divorced from the larger foreign policy arena and U.S. relations with the nations in the region as well as the world at large. It also requires that we do not divorce the development and execution of that policy from the historical and regional context within which it is embedded. having said that, it should be clear that there are no simple counterterrorism solutions and that it is often the case that the choices with choosing perceived ‘least bad’ options rather than optimal solutions.

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