Mohammed Abdelraouf

Mohammed Abdelraouf

Non-Resident Fellow, Environment and Economy

PhD Environmental Sciences

Dr. Mohammed Abdelraouf is currently an environmental researcher with many think tanks in the Middle East and currently elected as the global focal point of Science and Tech. Major Group of UNEP and 10YFP. Dr. Raouf has a doctorate degree in Environmental Sciences (Environmental Economics and Accounting) from the Ain-Shams University in Egypt (2003) and has undergone advanced training in Environmental Management at the Augsburg University, Germany (2003/2004).

Dr. Raouf was the lead author for UNEP GEO-5 Report, West Asia chapter on Environmental Governance section and participated in various environmental plans especially in Egypt and the UAE. He is also a part time lecturer of Environmental Accounting and Economics. Dr. Raouf writes articles and commentaries in Arabic, English and French in various media outlets in the MENA region as well as globally. He has published various policy papers on different environmental issues in the MENA region.

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