“Iran’s support for militias threatens GCC, British parliament hears”

“Iran’s support for militias threatens GCC, British parliament hears”

The National
Press Features

21 Dec 2016

The National writes: ABU DHABI // Iran’s nuclear deal and the republic’s support for militias across the region are some of the major threats facing GCC countries, the head of an Abu Dhabi think tank told the British parliament.

Dr Ahmed Al Hamli told the International Relations Committee this threat had led to a regional shift of power from legitimate states to illegitimate terrorist groups, weakening the region for the Islamic republic to gain more control.

“The nuclear deal does not include inspections in military facilities and the region feels that Iran is still moving forward to obtain nuclear weapons in secret through its military facilities,” said Dr Al Hamli, president of Trends Research and Advisory, giving evidence last week on the subject of “Transformation of power in the Middle East and implications for UK policy”.

“It is important to include tougher conditions and a mechanism to hold Iran responsible for its breaches of the nuclear deal.”

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