“Iranian presidential election to send message about Obama’s nuclear deal”

“Iranian presidential election to send message about Obama’s nuclear deal”

The Washington Times
Press Features

02 May 2017

The Washington Times interviews Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli and Dr. Richard Burchill:

But with Iran’s relations with its Sunni Muslim rivals across the region increasingly tense, many analysts say a major shift coming out of the May 19 vote is unlikely. Skeptics say the Assembly of Experts will find a way — regardless of who holds the Iranian presidency — to ensure that Ayatollah Khamenei’s confrontational foreign policy goals endure.

“The successor will be dedicated to the revolutionary agenda of Iran, which is about destabilizing the region,” said Ahmed Al Hamli, founder and president of Trends Research & Advisory, an Abu Dhabi-based think tank focused on Middle Eastern developments.

“When it comes to the Iranian system, while the constitution exists, the overall system is driven by the belief in a divine authority who controls all aspects of state, including who [Khamenei‘s] successor will be,” Mr. Al Hamli said in a recent interview.

“The next president of Iran is unlikely to have any decisive role to play if the view is less revolutionary than others,” said Richard Burchill, the head of research and engagement at Trends.

“We will spend a great deal of energy on guessing who the next supreme leader will be, but it is likely the matter has already been decided,” Mr. Burchill said. “In the current situation, the next supreme leader will need to be strongly against the West and Iran’s neighbors.”

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