International CVE Research Conference 2015 Organised by Hedayah and Edith Cowan University

06 December, 2015 - 08 December, 2015

NYU-Abu Dhabi

Past Event

Thematic Workshop: CVE through Educational Programmes organised by TRENDS

CVE through education is a key factor in successful counter terrorism programmes.  The education aspect addresses both the dealing with root causes and for reintegration.  The first aspect is about ensuring we develop education programmes that emphasises understanding of diversity, inclusiveness and tolerance.  The second aspect is about helping to rehabilitate and reintegrate extremists so that they realise the violence is not an acceptable way to behave in society. On Dec 6 – Dec 8, TRENDS Research & Advisory, in cooperation with Hedayah, organized a Thematic Workshop on CVE through Educational Programmes as part of Hedayah’s International CVE Research Conference 2015.

Guest speakers Dr. Feriha Peracha of the Sabawoon (Morning Light in Pashto) Rehabilitation Centre, Dr. Jon Kurtz, Director for Research and Learning for Mercy Corps, and Mr. Jonah Ayodele Obajeun Chief Curator of Tolerance Academy will be presenting their work on the subject of CVE through Educational Programmes.

Dr. Feriha Peracha presented her research on CVE through education and Integrative Complexity – a focus on teaching young people the ability to think for themselves and in accordance with human values and empathy for other. Her philosophy is to create frameworks of thinking that people bring to conflict in order to increase people’s ability to engage with opposing viewpoints while remaining true to their own values and promoting social change that is stable and win/win.

Dr. Jon Kurtz focused on evidence on the links between non-formal education, youth employment and violent extremism which highlights the lack of education opportunities as the commonly cited drivers of violent extremism. Dr. Kurtz also discussed the finding of the multiple studies conducted by Mercy Corps to test the assumption underlying these investments – i.e. that the root cause of political violence, terrorism, and insurgencies lie in poverty and economic deprivation.

Mr. Jonah Ayodele Obajeun delved into the subject of Radicalization and Deradicalization: The Case of Tolerance Academy In Nigeria and the way it is centered on the understanding of the pull and push factors of extremism and radicalization among vulnerable population and subsequent recruitment into radical groups, especially in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria.


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CVE Research Conference 2015 Agenda