Monday, April 24, 2017, 7:37 pm
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“Ideology: The driving force behind #radicalization?”

“Ideology: The driving force behind #radicalization?”

April 24, 2017 7:37 pm

Eureporter writes:

On 1 February 2017, the European Foundation for Democracy, in collaboration with TRENDS Research & Advisory, hosted a policy briefing entitled: “Ideology: the driving force behind radicalisation?”. Throughout the discussion, experts commented on the role that ideology plays in fostering extremism, analysing the shortcomings of current analyses and practices, and suggesting a new approach to tackle radicalisation.

Guest Speakers included: Roberta Bonazzi, President of the European Foundation for Democracy (Moderator); Ahmed Al Hamli, President of TRENDS Research & Advisory; Saad Amrani, Chief Commissioner of the Belgian Federal Police; Richard Burchill, Director of Research, TRENDS Research & Advisory; and Mohamad Khadam Aljamee, Secretary of the Union of Syrians Abroad.

The event was held at Info Point Europa, and comprised a significant number of EU officials and policy-makers and academics, with approximately 40 people attending.

All speakers agreed that attempts to profile extremists on the basis of socio-economic and geographical origins have failed. The main driving factor of extremism, according to them, is to be found in ideology and the role it plays in radicalising individuals.

To read the full article, follow this link


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