Gulf Diplomatic Crisis & Its Relevance for Europe

18 July, 2017

Press Club Brussels Europe

Past Event


Qatar has been known as a supporter of terrorism and extremism for a considerable amount of time.  The reasons why Qatar actively supports terrorists and extremists is unknown, but regardless of the reasons for its behaviour, the actions are unacceptable.  The UAE and Saudi Arabia are leading a group of states in making it clear that Qatar’s support for terrorism and extremism is not acceptable and poses a threat to international peace and security.  The diplomatic and economic boycott on Qatar has been designed to put pressure on the state to conform with international law and the efforts to end state support for terrorism.  This matter is of global concern and Europe, in particular, is experiencing the horrific impact of terrorism.  The Qatar situation requiures global cooperation and this event explored how Europe can work with state in the region in upholding the global regime for addressing terrorist funding.


Roberta Bonazzi, President and Founder, European Foundation for Democracy, Brussels.

Dr. Richard Burchill, Director of Research and Engagment, TRENDS Research & Advisory
Olivier Guitta, CEO and Founder, GlobalStrat, London.

For further information on this event please contact Dr. Richard Burchill, Director of Research and Engagement, [email protected]

Event Videos

Gulf Diplomatic Crisis Event Highlights

Gulf Diplomatic Crisis Event Part 1

Gulf Diplomatic Crisis Event Part 2