About The Forum

The international system is currently experiencing a wide number of armed conflicts that demonstrate changes in how we understand and formulate operational responses to war. At the heart of the changes being faced is the involvement in conflicts of Non-state Actors (NSAs). In particular, the Middle East region is experiencing what appears to be ever escalating conflicts involving a wide range of NSAs, such as Daesh, Hizbollah, Al-Houthi. Groups like Daesh and Houthies declare themselves to be beyond any international regulatory frameworks. They routinely breach the laws of war in their barbaric treatment of civilians and the use of children in the armed conflict.  They also often engage in ‘lawfare’, i.e., taking military advantage of the constraints imposed by international humanitarian law on state militaries.

On Monday, November 16, 2015, TRENDS Research & Advisory, in co-operation with the Department of War Studies, King’s College, London, UK organized this event to discuss the Changing Character of Modern War and how Non-state actors impact our understandings and operational responses. The event brought together international experts with experience in developing policy and operational responses dealing with Non-state Actors in conflict. The event was held at The Ritz Carlton, Grand Canal, Abu Dhabi.

About Trends

TRENDS Research & Advisory is an independent and progressive research center, based in Abu Dhabi – UAE, building a global network of research associates. TRENDS aims to help improve policies and decision-making processes through rigorous research and analysis.

At TRENDS we explore beyond-news-agendas and delve into the underlying variables influencing policy-makers to predict future opportunities and challenges, through our network of international experts.

Our analysis, which serves as a primary resource for leaders and policy-makers in governments and organizations, covers vital global, regional and country-specific matters.

Our experts work to create innovative solutions to confront crucial regional and international trajectories by analyzing and advancing trends.