“Experts meet in Abu Dhabi to discuss changing characters of modern warfare”

“Experts meet in Abu Dhabi to discuss changing characters of modern warfare”

Future Security of the GCC: The Changing Character of Modern War

17 Nov 2015

ABU DHABI, 16th November, 2015 (WAM) — Abu Dhabi-based TRENDS Research and Advisory, in co-operation with the Department of War Studies, King’s College, London, UK, today hosted the second annual forum to discuss the changing character of modern war with the rise of Non-state Actors, NSAs, who are creating new challenges for strategic and conventional warfare tactics.

In his opening speech at the event, which was held at The Ritz Carlton, Abu Dhabi, Ahmed Thani Al Hamli, President of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that today’s world is facing a new kind of challenge, fighting against non-government players and non-state enemies. “Here in the GCC region we are experiencing a number of conflicts involving non-state actors whose actions appear motivated by extremist ideologies. The problem we are addressing today is very real, armed non-state actors are threatening regional and global security, and it appears, at times, that we do not have sufficient tools and strategies for addressing the threats posed by non-state actors.”

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