Examining the Religious Foundations for Political Violence: Embracing Tolerance

06 December, 2018

House of Lords, London, UK

Past Event


In this third meeting of the Religious Foundations for Political Violence project the discussion will focus on tolerance and respect for other religious belief systems in society. Recent events regarding claims of blasphemy highlight the problematic nature of blasphemy and its contribution to political violence.    Laws on blasphemy are designed to ensure belief systems are protected by prohibiting the insulting or profaning of a religious belief.  Such intentions may be framed as promoting mutual respect and tolerance among different groups of believers.  However, in practice blasphemy laws are demonstrating how religion becomes politicised fostering intolerance and leading to violence in society.  For this final meeting we wish to use blasphemy laws and responses as a focal point for discussions about greater tolerance in society to counter the politicisation of religion in support of political violence.

For more information, please contact Dr. Richard Burchill, Director of Research and Engagement, [email protected]