“Europe’s contribution to resolving the Qatar crisis”

“Europe’s contribution to resolving the Qatar crisis”

Gulf Diplomatic Crisis & Its Relevance for Europe

18 Jul 2017

The European Commission and the European Parliament could play a role in overcoming the current crisis involving Qatar, especially since the USA is not in a good shape to play this role, writes Dr Ahmed Al Hamli for Euractiv.

In the Gulf region, the current situation involving Qatar demonstrates the problems that arise when states do not cooperate in the fight against terrorism, particularly with immediate neighbours.  Qatar’s behaviour has not only been contrary to regional efforts to counter terrorism and extremism, they also run counter to global efforts, jeopardising efforts to fight terrorism.

It should come as no surprise that Qatar’s neighbours have lost patience with Qatar’s actions in support of terrorism.  Not only is Qatar flagrantly acting contrary to the UN system for combatting terrorism, Qatar is also reneging on GCC-based agreements that committed all signatories to combatting the sources of extremism and terrorism.

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