“Europe could play vital role in Qatar crisis, analysts say”

“Europe could play vital role in Qatar crisis, analysts say”

The National
Gulf Diplomatic Crisis & Its Relevance for Europe

27 Jul 2017

The National Reports:

As the crisis between Qatar and its GCC neighbours continues to loom over the Gulf, analysts say the European Union could play a vital role in contributing to the solution.

In a talk on the Gulf Diplomatic Crisis and its Relevance for Europe that took place in Brussels on Tuesday morning, they spoke of issues of cooperation among states in dealing with terrorism, Qatar’s “poor record” in this regard and using the European example to help contribute to resolving the matter.

“We are primarily looking at Qatar’s extensive practice in supporting terrorism and extremism,” said Dr Richard Burchill, one of the speakers and the director of engagement and research at Abu Dhabi think tank Trends Research and Advisory.

“This is important because the global and regional efforts to counter and overcome terrorism and extremism cannot tolerate one state acting contrary to collective efforts. The 2013-2014 agreements with Qatar attempted to put in place a collective stance on stopping support for terrorism and extremism and Qatar chose to disregard this.”

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