“Dismantling sanctions emboldens Iran, Trump can forge a new policy”

“Dismantling sanctions emboldens Iran, Trump can forge a new policy”

The Hill
Press Features

12 Apr 2017

President of TRENDS, Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli, Opinion Contributor to The Hill writes:

U.S. President Donald Trump, with the apparent support of the Republican Senate, appears poised to unveil new targeted sanctions on Iran in the coming days. While the details of the sanctions are unclear, the administration’s acknowledgment and willingness to act strongly against Iran is a turning point for the Middle East.

Indeed, Trump’s administration has a grand opportunity to take a nuanced and holistic approach to Iran, strategically addressing Iran’s regional behavior, while remaining committed to the promises America has made under the terms of the nuclear deal.

The latest round of sanctions would continue a trend of tough talk against Iran that has characterized the Trump administration’s first two months, and represent a marked departure from the softer, more conciliatory efforts of the previous administration. These sanctions, if enacted, would be the second set of new U.S. sanctions on Iran since Trump assumed office, and the first action against Iran since the departure of Trump’s first National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, who had been viewed by many as driving the administration’s hawkish rhetoric after he swiftly put Iran “on notice” in reaction to an Iranian missile test in February.


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