Book Launch “The Return of the Caliphate: Reasons and Consequences”

28 November, 2017

Brussels Press Club

Past Event


TRENDS Research & Advisory and the European Foundation for Democracy are pleased to announce the publication of The Return of the Caliphate, authored by Dr. Magnus Norrell. This publication examines the role of ideology in the advancement of terrorist causes, focusing on Daesh/ISIS. At the core of the this ideology is the belief of returning to the Caliphate as understood by terrorist groups. His book explores the impact of ideology and its links with extremism and violence, offering recommendations on how policy makers can respond to this phenomenon.

The Book Launch included a presentation by Dr. Norell about his work and a discussion moderated by Dr. Richard Burchill, Director of Research and Engagement, TRENDS Research & Advisory.

The Return of the Caliphate: Reasons and Consequences (2107) is available for purchase at Amazon

Dr. Richard Burchill, Director of Reearch and Engagement TRENDS (Chair);
Magnus Norell, TRENDS Non-Resident Fellow in Religion and Politics; Senior Fellow with the European Foundation for Democracy.

European Foundation for Democracy

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Return of the Caliphate: Causes and Consequences