Al Hurra coverage of TRENDS Event

Al Hurra coverage of TRENDS Event

Al Hurra
What is Next for USA Foreign Policy and the GCC?

20 Sep 2017

On Sept. 12, 2017 TRENDS hosted three experts from the USA to discuss what is next for US foreign policy in the GCC region. When Donald Trump became President, the expectation in the region was for a more engaged USA. Furthermore, this engagement would support GCC policies and long-term interests.

The speakers were:

  • Ambassador Alberto Fernandez, President of the Middle East Broadcasting Network and former US ambassador and career State Department officer;
  • Dr. Roby C. Barrett, expert with the Middle East Institute, Washington, DC, and Senior Fellow at the Joint Special Operations University, Florida, USA;
  • Guy Taylor, the Chief of the National Security division at the Washington Times, Washington, DC.

The following video is coverage of the event by UAE based TV station, Al Hurra. To view the video, follow this link: