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Message from President

About Us

Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli

President & Founder

Today, it is more important than ever for thought-leaders and policy-makers alike to properly understand and even anticipate the increasingly complex and dynamic global trends affecting peace, stability, and security. Indeed, the widespread growth and advancement of technology across all corners of the globe has created a world that is both interconnected and constantly changing at rates never before seen. Understanding these evolving trends requires innovative and in-depth analysis that goes well-beyond the news headlines, and incorporates local, regional, and subject-matter expertise.

TRENDS Research & Advisory was founded to undertake such comprehensive analysis. We have the singular goal of promoting human security through the advancement of ground-breaking research and critical analysis of key regional and global topics and themes. From cybersecurity, to food and water security, to energy security, the breadth and depth of the threats facing individuals, nations, and the world at large requires nothing less.

Since our founding just a few short years ago, we have quickly established both a powerful global network of experts and a unique body of policy research and analysis that explores the many security threats and challenges faced by the international community. We at TRENDS take pride in the quality and independent-nature of our research on both regional and international public policy issues, which has resulted in us being ranked one of the 10 best new think-tanks by the University of Pennsylvania.

We take seriously our responsibility to present innovative policy solutions that have the potential to transform- societies and support global efforts to maintain international peace and security, and look forward to deepening our global partnerships and initiatives as we work tirelessly to help achieve our mission.

Our Strategy & Philosophy

This Strategic Plan is a blueprint for the future of TRENDS guiding the organisation through a period of significant consolidation and transformation. From its founding in 2014, TRENDS has quickly grown in strengths and impact. Building on our proud achievements, this Strategic Plan articulates the institution’s goals, objectives and commitment to shaping a better future for our society and the wider world. The plan is a blend of continuity and change. It recognises existing strengths and identifies areas where TRENDS must continue its growth and development to realise its full potential as a leading source of information on global security matters.

TRENDS is committed to improving global security through a focus on human security as the key to a peaceful, sustainable future. Human security consists of the ability of individuals and societies to live peaceful and prosperous lives. Human security today can only be understood in multidimensional perspectives through both horizontal and vertical linkages between topics, actors, and relevant contexts. Human security is at the core of global security and national security. The challenges for supporting and furthering human security are complex in an ever-changing environment. Successful impact requires pro-active approaches that challenge existing paradigms through active engagement.

The early success of TRENDS has been a result of our active engagement and involvement in thought leadership nationally and globally. The organisation, from the start, has recognised the value of being actively engaged with a wide range of stakeholders, experts, similar research institutions, and governments. In today’s environment think tanks must be active in their engagement to ensure their views are heard and understood, as well as to gain a full understanding of the wide array of factors involved when approaching their work. Active engagement is necessary for ensuring policy views and recommendations are based on comprehensive understandings leading to more effective outcomes.

Having an impact and remaining relevant in thought leadership is a challenging task for any organisation. The ongoing proliferation of think tanks and policy advisors means it is a crowded and competitive environment with a diverse range of voices and views being expressed on a regular basis. To be able to rise above this and demonstrate that our organisation is distinct in its approach and analysis requires a commitment to the highest standards of excellence, quality and professionalism. Our reference points for these standards need to both national and global, which we can achieve through our commitment to active engagement nationally and globally.

TRENDS has demonstrated its ability to effectively engage in a broad range of policy issues related to human security. The TRENDS approach has been informed by diverse research methods tailored to meet the specific needs of stakeholders and clients, nationally and globally. As a result, TRENDS has become a trusted and valued actor in thought leadership through its active engagement of working directly with decision makers and policy advisors. By applying the highest standards for scientific rigor and analysis in our activities, TRENDS has established itself as an independent and reliable source for policy recommendations.

Going forward TRENDS is committed to this Strategic Plan as a roadmap for furthering our success. In this regard:

  • TRENDS will continue to invest in the organisation to bring about these commitments guided by this Strategic Plan.
  • TRENDS will continue to enable multi-disciplinary staff, rich in substantive expertise and practical experience, to develop and apply the latest research methods and tools to provide analysis and recommendations for solving the complex problems the world faces today.
  • TRENDS will continue to be engaged actively with other think tanks, research centres, governments and other stakeholders as part of its core activities.
  • TRENDS will continue to pursue operational and financial sustainability by ensuring the highest levels of quality and professionalism are part of all its activities, demonstrating the value of its contribution to a diverse range of stakeholders.
  • TRENDS will continue to achieve growth and change, being committed to its core values, flexible in its approaches to the changing global environment and active in furthering the profile of TRENDS.


Our Vision

To be a foremost global source of knowledge for influencing policies leading to a peaceful, sustainable future.


Our Mission

Creating impactful research that furthers knowledge, influences thought leadership, engages with public debate and bridges understanding.


Core Values

The ongoing success and impact of TRENDS depends on following our core values in our work and as part of our organisational culture. These values are

  • Recognition: TRENDS remains committed to influencing thought leaders and debate through trustworthy research and studies by world class researchers’ and intellectuals.
  • Integrity: TRENDS strongly applies best practices for ensuring research integrity and intellectual honesty in all that we do.
  • Creativity: TRENDS approaches its work through open and innovative practices seeking to provide policy alternatives that serve all.
  • Engagement: TRENDS is actively involved in the public debate, engaging with diverse actors, sharing knowledge and experiences.


Strategic Aims

To achieve our vision of being the leading source of information regarding policy developments in the field of human security, and to carry out our mission, TRENDS will:

  • Pursue its research and analysis through innovation and excellence
  • Engage nationally and globally with stakeholders who influence policy thought leadership
  • Be part of national and global debates on human security in multiple formats
  • Invest in our workforce to support professionals working at the highest levels of interdisciplinary research and analysis
  • Bring about and maintain operational and financial sustainability
  • Pursue all work and responsibilities in line with our agreed Core Values:
    • Recognition
    • Integrity
    • Creativity
    • Engagement
  • Continually achieve positive growth and exposure


Enabled By

These aims are enabled by:

  • Good and sustainable governance
  • Committed, flexible and skilled people
  • Ensuring a strong and sustained presence
  • Effective networking and partnership activity
  • Maintaining quality standards and excellence