Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 3:59 pm
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The Value of Think Tanks

TRENDS Research & Advisory, based in Abu Dhabi, has received global recognition for its work by being included in the top 10 “Best New Think Tanks” in the world by the 2016 Go To Global Think Tank Index. TRENDS was established in August 2014, by Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli, President and Founder, to further knowledge and understanding of how we understand security in today’s world.

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Impact of Brexit for the GCC

The UK’s referendum vote on leaving the EU has grabbed the headlines and has the world thinking about what may, or may not, happen next.  Undoubtedly the UK’s decision to leave the EU is a major international episode that will have an impact over the next few years. To contribute to the ongoing conversation, TRENDS asked its Researchers and Non-Resident Fellows to provide their perspective of what Brexit may or may not mean for the globe and the region.

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Daesh/ISIS In Europe

The events in Nice have made it clear that the threat from terrorism in Europe is sustained, real, and that it needs to be much better understood. This event, which was co-organised by TRENDS Research & Advisory and ICSR, King’s College London, helped explore the connections between Europe and the violence being supported/carried out by Daesh/ISIS.

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Iran’s Threat to Global Security

How well does Washington understand Iran?

This Expert Analysis discusses how the failure of the USA to adequately understand Iran’s power structures may have detrimental consequences for global security. The Analysis, “How Well Does Washington Understand Iran?”, produced in coordination with The National Interest is a study into how the USA is failing to adequately understand the dangers posed by Iran’s leadership.

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TRENDS Services and Programs

TRENDS provides a wide range of consultancy, advisory and executive education services directed at government employees, non-governmental organisations and executives working in diverse organisations with an international focus. In all of our services we combine global knowledge and expertise with substantial knowledge and understanding of the Middle East/Gulf region.

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Constructions of Terrorism

TRENDS, The Orfalea Center and The Stimson Center organized a conference on Constructions of Terrorism: Confronting the Challenges to Global Security Created by Daesh/Islamic State. This was the second event in the Constructions of Terrorism Project being undertaken by TRENDS and the Orfalea Center as an interdisciplinary project that is investigating how states and societies construct understandings and categories of terrorism and extremism.

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Feature story

The Necessity of Action in Response to Qatar’s support for Terrorism

The Necessity of Action in Response to Qatar’s support for Terrorism

June 29, 2017

Four Arab states have imposed a range of unilateral measures on Qatar in response to that country’s support for terrorist groups...


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